Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello everyone!
Im here in Canada and figured i should join the trend my brother and jenni started and start my own blogspot as rachel has done.
College has been amazing so far, to be honest its way more than i have ever expected, more homework and friends than ever expected :)

The day i got here i immediately felt comfortable everyone was open to everyone.
I felt horrible because my poor loving father was up in my dorm room helping me unpack he was the only man up there, he quickly felt awkward and i was avoiding that whole thought. So his departure came sooner than expected for the both of us. My father has been my bestfriend since day one, i have learned more from him than anyone in my life, he has always supported me in my decisions "Leah i know you will make the wise decision" best answer anyone could give you. He always made me think and helped me become who i am today. So saying goodbye to him honestly, it didnt feel real. I knew i would see him soon and i comforted him with that but he said "3 months too long" on my part i felt as though i was abandoning him :( horrible feeling. But we both knew i was about to encounter a huge part of my life so different i would be changed forever, for the better of course (i hope). We said our goodbyes and he was on his way  :(

I havent gotten to homesick yet. I do feel homesick when im surrounded by canadians only and im the only american and they start talking about how much they either hate or dislike America. i get frustrated...and  drop it because thats not what im here to do. haha sometimes its funny. When i came here i was expecting to think these people had the weird accent, but people claim i have an "Oregon" accent. so m the wierd one here. i try to tell them that Oregon doesnt have a specific accent....weird i know. The other americans think its weird also.  So when i start talking a lot they start making fun of my "accent" I get a crack out of it until they just wont drop it haha.

Oh and p.s. there iced tea is disgusting here!!!!!!!!!! what am i supposed to do!! Mom i need your iced tea send it by the gallon! and lemons!
Oh and i never know what the temprature is here.
" its going to be in the twenties all week"ill be grabbin my snow gear. and i say what do you mean? and i cant ever figure it out. so i change like 5 times a day trying to feel comfortable.

So on 9/11 my good friend andrew(canadian) stood up during lunch and said a prayer and had a moment of silence. i was very touched by it. until i sat down with my food, and the guy in front of me said "its been freakin 7 years why dont the americans freakin get over it" i think i gave him the meanest look i have ever given in my life. i quickly sewed my mouth shut and  let my friend Ryan K who is from washington take care of this convo. of course ryan really didnt do it justice in my mind. "i mean a lot of people died but who cares anymore" ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? wow i never felt so disrespected in my life. i was holding back the tears thinking about the country as a whole, every person was effected by it especially the people who lost someone. Do these people deserve to be forgotten and not cared about? I think not. I think i would have unloaded on the guy if i opened my mouth, so i kept quiet.

My roomate and i are different but she is awesome. She has a lot of energy and always has a smile on her face even when she is in pain haha. She is growing in the Lord and having the time of her life. we both have about the same tendencies with out cleanliness. im a little worse. but i have more close...brought so much. i had send home 2 boxes with my dad.

God has been revealing Himself to me in ways i have never felt. I have had an intimate relationship with Christ for a long time but that sense has been intensified time a million. i am so romanced by the King :) 
the studying part will be a challenge for me but beneficial.
There honor roll starts at a 3.3 here so im super excited about that! i'll do you proud folks!
God has my whole heart now and i am laying my life down for him to play with :) I will go where he sends me. I want to leave my life open for Him.


I am on the ride of a lifetime :)
thanks for reading i hope you will continue