Saturday, February 14, 2009


So here I am Lord, Broken beyond belief.
I wonder at this moment how i have arrived.
Although he was a thief.
I still pray, hope and know he will succeed. 

You brought me words,
Words i did not know the meaning of.
The day came once again like a stabbing of a sword.
And those words brought me through.

Faithful doesnt give justice,
Love doesnt even explain,
Hope isnt even the feeling,
Because you are beyond all those words.

I saw the smoke in the distance,
but I chose to turn away and help the past.
That signal was my lifeline,
Until i answered i was only dead.

How would one that is already dead bring life to the ceased?
I became a fool lost the ways of a lifeless child.
I forgot how to decrease.
So you can increase.

While i was dead and without peace,
You were speaking.
I could not grasp them,
Although i was reaching.

Now you have restored my vision.
My life has just begun.
Tragedy has brought me joy.
And salvation is my gun.

Dance has sprung in my feet again.
You O'Lord keep my heart.
Safe from any harm.
So lets go back to the start.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My smile has been consumed.

You wonder why im lost?
BUt how am i supposed to be glued?
Do you think I'm forgone? 

I thread through you a color so bright.
Why did you run?
Let me love that part that has died.
Have i past?

This love that has grown inside me.
I want to find reason in why its there.
The door behind me was forced shut.
Two open on either side of me, what if i go through the wrong one?
Will you still be there in the end? when i fail...

This heart has been broken, this heart has healed.
But i always run right back to the start.
When i'm finally satisfied.
I'm fixing something invisible.

Its not my duty.
This time im not turing back,
This time im pushing my love through
i died. Have i died?

My soul is on the floor trying to find its heart.
My arms are over the edge feeling the bottom.
My legs are twisted, lost in there ways.
My stomach is inflamed, with insanity.

The head is calling them home.
"Come love, Come.
I'm afraid you have lost heart.
I'm afraid you have lost your ground.
I'm afraid youve left the path.
Let me take away your sin."

This sin that has en-gulped my neck.
But my neck will always keep my chin up.

These chains are only sand.
Sand has yet to prove itself.
So why should i be pulled by sin?
Thats it, I'm climbing up!

'You cant reach the top.
There is nothing left to grap on to.
It is flashy with ribbons and curls.
I will spin you and touch you.
Your bags are packed lets run, run, run away.'

The top is near.
I see a ledge.
Ribbons and curls will only squeeze my throat.
Your hands are cut off, you have no touch on me.
I'm already out of here.

So its time to be saturated.
Break my heart til i am consumed
Rebuild my flesh
Break these sinful desires, to there death.

I have been broken.
I have been healed.
You O'Lord have my heart.
And forever it will stay.

This Love consumes me, It renews me.
Lets laugh together, and raise our hands high.
O'Lord this smile, you bring upon my face!
This Love consumes me, It renews me. 

I'm dancin' in Your Feilds!
I'm light on my feet, My chains have been lifted!
This enemy has no hold on me!
Lets dance til the set of the sun!

This Love consumes me, it renews me.
My hands lift my heart unto you.
Break my flesh, Rebuild this heart.
This Love consumes me, it renews me.

This world with its lies i call not my home.
I look into your eyes, fulfillment has surpassed my belief!
You are my home, in your arms i will lay.
O'Lord here you will be.

This Love consumes me, it renews me.
Lets laugh together, our hearts are joined.
My smile has become radiant, You have rebuilt me.
This love consumes me, it renews me.