Saturday, December 25, 2010


WOW. What a year it has been. A very hard year to say the least. One i will not forget. So much has happened, so much change, so much healing. Really everything thing was good, but tough to confront. Last year at this very time, i had so much hope for my life to be a certain way for the next year. But God brought different challenges and blessings. Starting this new year, i am not asking God for anything. He knows better, He knows what i need.

I have been so blessed this year by my parents. Ok maybe I am spoiled :)
I have also been very spoiled by a new church family who has loved me and allowed God to give me an abundance of opportunities to serve Him. Thank you WSFC for being obedient and serving our community.

I'm sure looking back on your own life, you will see you learned the most in your toughest times. I learned a lot this year!
I learned a lot about contentment.
I learned that you dont need anything to impact others but a willing heart and the Holy Spirit.
I learned a lot about forgiveness.
I learned I love to run.
I learned to appreciate God plans for other people.
I learned even when people doubted Gods plans for my life, i still succeeded.
I learned Dutch Bros. makes all there drinks with half and half. :/
I learned Jesus will come quickly. I will keep His words.
I learned rebel streaks are not necessary.
I learned I need a lot more grace than expected.
I learned a bit more that i love people so much!
I learned I need to forgive myself even when i forgave everyone else.
I learned more about God's love and how it can consume me.
I learned my parents are still giddy for each other.
I learned I have a fetish for birds (decorative things).
I learned when i see other succeed i get overwhelming joy! (I tear up too easy!)
Most of all I learned God will never abandon me.

So take a deep breath and BEGIN year 2011. Expecting to see and feel Gods hand everyday.

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Matthew said...

loved it. looking forward to the new year! hope to see you sooner than later!